Awarded 1st prize for the MARKIDEIO MUNICIPAL THEATRE AND SURROUNDINGS Competition in Paphos

  • Posted on: March 3, 2015

The project is a renovation of the existing Markideio Theater that will incorporate, in addition to the existing theater space, neighboring plots currently occupied by small industries such as a marble processing plant and a car mechanic. The stage of the theater is relocated to the north allowing for easier servicing and for a more functional entrance from the neighboring streets. The proposal creates two access points into the theater, one providing pedestrian access from the east, and one from the existing parking lot west of the theater. The proposed café on Andrea Geroudi and the covered access from the west help to anchor the building into the existing city fabric and connect the theater to the existing streets. The façade of the covered pathway and cafe shades the interior spaces and also helps to redefine the scale of the building and it’s relationship with the existing neighborhood. The café helps to activate the large public plaza that can accommodate public events independent of the theater. A smaller internal courtyard west of the theater space can hold more private events and also function as a supportive space of the actual performance box.

Marios Christodoulides, Christos Christodoulou  /  project team: Christos Pasadakis, Stelios Zenieris, Charalambos Mundis

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