HOUSE 1112 on site

  • Posted on: November 20, 2014

The house is situated close to the center of Nicosia on half a plot. The clients, a young couple with a child, wanted a place that would offer them privacy from the small residence situated at the western end of their plot and occupied by their grandparents. At the same time the grandparents did not want the new house to obstruct their winter sun and would like to maintain a small yard outside their front door. Access to the grandparents house from the public street was only possible through the length of the plot. The restriction to develop the project horizontally necessitated the creation of semi-private central yard for the family and a vertical development for the more private spaces of the young couple including a roof yard. Sliding perforated metal panels on the ground floor can allow for more privacy within the central courtyard when closed.

On the ground floor the living room and dining are situated adjacent to the street. These open into the enclosed yard facing west. South winter light enter the space from a ‘tear’ that occurs between the roof of ground floor and the upper level containing the office and master bedroom. A deciduous tree on the roof of the parking space regulates the sun during the winter and summer months. The skewed box above the living space also allows diffused north light to penetrate the spaces below through the window to the roof patio and the office glass floor.

The kitchen is situated to the west and across from the living space framing the small yard. The two parts are connected through a circulation wing bordering the wall of the neighboring house in the north.

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