HOUSE 1202 on site

  • Posted on: November 11, 2014

House 1202 addresses  some very rudimentary but vitally important design principles. Issues such as south orientation of the ground floor with a sufficient overhang for the summer months, west orientation of the upper floor to encourage cross-ventilation through the bedrooms, and the desire for a sufficiently covered veranda as part of a bigger yard, help to shape the form of the building. The typology and overall organization of the house remains familiar. However in an effort to connect the two floors and also engage the outdoor spaces, the stair leading upstairs is pushed ‘outside’ the common living areas. Sliding glass doors allow the owners to functionally connect the stair to the sitting area or open it up to the covered veranda and the rest of the yard. The short  ‘corridor’ which connects the stair to house also functions as the main entrance.

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