House 1203 is selected to be showcased in East Centric Architecture Triennale in Bucharest

  • Posted on: June 7, 2016

99 projects from 22 countries were selected to be showcased in the main exhibition “Drifting Architecture”, at the 2016 edition of East Centric Architecture Triennale in Bucharest.

The selection of projects followed a comprehensive critical vision through „Drifting Architecture” theme while the sections of the main thematic exhibition will provide a three dimensional journey going through East and Central Europeean architecture. The aim is to find a sens and to give an interpretation to the architecture of the region, in a grounded theoretical, historical and cultural approach. The projects received at the open call illustrated the spatial dimension of the concept “Drifting”, which is not aestheticized, discursive, political, social or economic, but rather a flow-through all these fields, a simultaneous closeness and deviation in order to retrieve a consistent and significant body of connections and landmarks.

Drifting Architecture will be exhibited in the Media Foyer of the iconic National Theatre in Bucharest from September 16th until October 9th. The Drifting Architecture exhibition will be accompanied by an opening event and a series of conference held by renowned Japanese architect and historian, Fujimori Terunobu and Romanian architect and theoretician Ioan Andreescu. All selected projects will be published in the Triennale’s catalogue.



Simpraxis Architects – House 1203
Yiorgos Hadjichristou and Veronika Antoniou – Green Urban Lab
Margarita Danou Architects – Re-configuration of the Coastal Location Verki into a Pedestrian Walkway and Water Basin in Larnaca


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