Multiuse Block 0402

Location : Engomi, Cyprus
Building type : Residential and Retail Block
Size    : 1100 s.m.
Schedule     : Completed 2009

Block attempts to integrate six living units ranging from studios to a three bedroom apartment together with retail spaces on the ground floor. A central atrium is created that ‘divides’ the building in two, an east section that faces the main street and a west part that faces the back yard. This void that’s oriented north to South becomes the organizing spine of the block. The entrance to the building and the vertical circulation are inserted into this space as well as outdoor and indoor bridges that either function as entrances to the different apartments or connect the east and west sides of the second floor apartment.

On the ground floor two shops occupy the east-facing front, while two private studios with mezzanines are situated in the back offering privacy from the busy road. The entrance is discretely situated along the south façade, parallel to a pedestrian way and a small public green space.

The first floor accommodates a studio, a one bedroom apartment, and a two bedroom apartment. The first two both face west, occupying the north-west and south-west corners, while the bigger apartment faces mostly east with ample southern and northern exposure.

The second floor is fully occupied by a three bedroom apartment, with outdoor spaces utilizing the north-east views to the distant mountains, as well as offering southern exposure to the sun. A roof deck is created that is only accessible from the outdoor verandas of the second floor apartment.