House 0205

Location : Lakatamia, Cyprus
Building type : Single Family Residence
Size    : 300 s.m.
Schedule     : Completed 2008

A central atrium links north and south outdoor spaces, and also allows for southern light to penetrate deep into the interior space, especially during the winter months. External horizontal louvers on the vertical glass surface facing south together with overhangs control both direct and indirect sunlight that enters the space. A glass roof within the atrium is protected by a system of movable louvers. These can allow for sun to penetrate the central double height space in the winter minimizing the need to mechanically heat the space. In the summer the exterior louvers above the glass roof can be kept closed crating an insulating air layer between the interior and exterior spaces. Clearstory windows around the perimeter of the atrium allow for cross ventilation and the hot air to escape. Outdoor spaces are oriented both north and south with the atrium functioning as a passage between the two.

On the ground floor the kitchen becomes the focal point of all activities, with the rest of the spaces visually communicating with each other. The entry way is situated on the north, parallel to a pedestrian walkway running along the perimeter of the site. The front door leads to the two story space running from north to south.

On the second floor two sections are created, separated by the central atrium. The one section facing east, accommodates the areas that serve the private needs of the young couple, while the other accommodates service areas and smaller bedrooms for their two children.