Cyprus News Agency Competition – Honorable Mention

Location : Strovolos, Cyprus
Building type : Institutional
Size    : 1100 s.m.
Schedule     : Winter 2010

The handling and dissemination of news and information, in an era defined by multimedia and the internet, comprises a complex endeavor that shapes the daily life of each citizen in a sociological, financial, political and cultural level. The transparency and validity that needs to define the world of media is reflected in our architectural approach towards the building.

The new offices for the Cyprus News Agency which will also accommodate public functions is based on an interplay of interior and exterior spaces, different levels and circulation. Coherency is achieved through a perimeter circulation around an open air internal courtyard. The idea of a continuous circulation is also evident on the outer shell of the building and most importantly in the organization of the spaces along its path. The buildings wraps around the internal courtyard in a continuous flow of movement, creating voids and solids, protrusions and indentations, folds and connections.

The programmatic needs have been interpreted in a contemporary architectural expression that includes three main floors with mezzanines which house the stuff of the CNA, and a first basement and a partial second basement for parking. The top three floors and the mezzanines are sculpted around an outdoor courtyard. The open central space functions as a reference point as you experience the building. It operates as a compass both for the visitor and more permanent user and facilitates orientation and movement within the building.

The movement through the building and the various offices becomes a ‘journey’. The ramps and stairs function as links that enable flow-movement-rest-a continuous experience for the user. A flow of experiences is created moving from one floor to another or the mezzanines. Circulation between levels happens through ramps, stairs and elevators with all levels being handicap accessible.

In collaboration with Demetris Economides